There is a new player the Spanish metal scene: their name is Raxar and they are here to stay 

Having been through their learning processes in classical metal bands, Raxar’s members now combine their strength to create sonic narrations reflecting their live in a dreamland of contrasts. This is the result of mixing five passionate musicians: the guitar, the bass and the drums keep exploring and expressing, to the point where they add melodic notes often heard in modern metal; the keyboards contribute with a cinematic feeling while they also show the classical essence of the band and the voice gains revolutionary prominence in this unlikely instrumental formation, emphasizing their powerful and versatile femininity reminiscent of the epopees of yore.

Five dauntless explorers that won’t bend to preexisting rules while they keep working on giving their creations a new twist. Five warriors ready to make their way through the battlefield represented by the music industry nowadays.

On the stage, Raxar is an energy surge that will take you to a point in time where freedom is found in a guitar solo,  fervour hides in the groove of a bass guitar, strength comes from a drum break, depth is evident in the harmonies of a keyboard and passion flows in the vocal melodies.

Through their sound and performance, each musician represents a part of metal cultura: the glamour, the non-conformism, the calm, the feeling... Raxar seeks to make their audience take part in the show and for the show to become a part of their lives.

That is the meaning of metal!

That is the meaning of Raxar!

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Leticia Sáenz - Voz

Dani Arranz Trespaderne - Guitarras

Mark St. Germain - Bajo

Joaquim Abós i Berdalet- Teclados

Guillem Villar Ruiz de Valdivia - Batería


Leticia Sáenz

I started singing in an informal choir for children when I was about six and by the time I was thirteen I had managed to talk my parents into buying me an electric guitar. Turns out at the time I used to believe that I would be a guitarist, but by the time I was sixteen it was clear enough that I was a much better singer than I would ever be with a guitar, so that is when I started studying modern singing a bit more seriously. While I was still living in the Basque Country I sang in bands like Epitaphy and Talion and I recorded female vocals for Nekrotech’s debut album, Interactiva, with whom I also performed live on multiple occasions. At that point, my life changed and I spent a few years in different countries before moving to Barcelona and taking music seriously once again. I took the opportunity to learn classical singing even though I knew that I would be nothing but a metal-mezzo. I also joined Emperatriz at the time. After having achieved a decent competency in classical, it was time to look for new sources of knowledge and I found the Metal Academy, where I was (and still am) able to refine my technique. In 2020, still in the throes of the pandemic, I joined Raxar and whatever happens from now on is for us to discover together. ¡See you on the road!

Dani Arranz

I started playing the guitar when I was fourteen (give or take a year) by myself. At sixteen I joined a band with some friends and that was my first contact with rehearsals and the routines associated with being a member of a rock band. When I was 19 and I had already been part of a few young bands, I joined Stone Tears, a Power Metal band where I played for a few years. After a mandatory break due to personal reasons, I came back to playing music in a semi-professional way in 2016 (though I had never fully stopped playing). It was then that I joined solo project Yn Amheus which combined lyrical music with metal.
After auditioning for a few bands that didn’t fully match my style, I decided to create my own and that was the seed that would become Raxar in 2019.
I still had some unfinished business as I had always wanted to learn to play the piano, and in 2020 I finally started my piano studies at the Metal Academy in Barcelona.

Mark St. Germain

Bands like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Nirvana and Metallica are to blame for my starting to play the guitar when I was fourteen. Seeing that among my friends I was the only one who knew how to play or aspired to form a band, I started composing and recording myself as I played, so I ended up having an audio recorded testament of my first steps as a guitarist. A few years later I formed what would be my first band Dantrol Voltage, in which I was the solo guitarist as well as the lead singer. One day, as I attended an employment fair, I discovered what a Sound Engineer was and I decided to pursue that career in the school Microfusa, in Barcelona, for I knew in that instant that my place would be inside a recording studio.I consider myself a Swiss Army knife; someone who tries to do a lot of things. I have played guitar, bass and been a singer in multiple bands, while I run my own recording studio. 
I had always wanted to play bass guitar in a modern metal band, so when I read Dani’s advertisement to form a band, I was immediately in. I have no idea what the future holds for us, but I’m certain that at some point I will learn to play the sitar.

Joaquim Abós

I first began studying music when I was 3, in a music school, and by the time I was 15 I was admitted into the Conservatory. Since I was a child, at all the levels of my studies, I have always received “classical” training. Clarinet, piano, vocals... and I will never abandon classical music! But I feel that I should also listen to music that isn’t 50, 300 or a thousand years old; contemporary or recent time’s music. Listen to it and play it, and why not also create and be a part of it? That is what Raxar means to me: an open gate to new possibilities, both in sound and in life.

Guillem Villar

When I was four, my parents decided that I should pursue a musical education, guessing that I might want to play the piano or the guitar. A year later, when the time came to choose an instrument, I chose drums (much to my parent’s chagrin). I kept on playing, never taking it too seriously but improving day by day, learning to play songs in different genres but mostly focusing on rock and metal. When I was thirteen I was admitted into the Liceo Conservatory, which I left after four years because they mostly taught jazz and that wasn’t really my cup of tea. When I was seventeen I joined a Trash Metal band covering Metallica, Anthrax and the likes. On my own, I continued to study my loved metal bands (mostly Iron Maiden). My mindset was still to play for myself.  When the Trash band broke up, I joined Aini’s Answer, a progressive band with which I recorded an album. It still wasn’t my style, so I decided to move forward on my own.

 I joined Raxar very recently and I think I’ve finally found a Metal band that I like and where I can continue to grow. The sky’s the limit!

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